Privacy Policy

Because you have entrusted the team at Ruby Slots with your personal information as well as your financial information, we have outlined how we use this information and how we keep not only this safe but also how we guarantee the safety of your winnings.

Please be sure to read the information on this page for more information about these topics.


Ruby Slots (“The Company”) is an online company offering entertainment services pertaining to gambling. The Company is not limited to online activities (Internet Platform), it may also extend its activities across other channels (Alternative Platform) including but also not limited to the following:

  • Interactive TV
  • Mobile gaming

When making use of any of the services offered by The Company you are requested to divulge Personal Information (PI).

The Company is governed by laws that are designed to protect your privacy and the security of your PI. As a commitment to these laws The Company has created this document which outlines how The Company gathers your PI, how it is used and also how we keep it safe and also how this is done within the context of offering entertainment services.

The Company welcomes question regarding this privacy policy. Simply email us at or contact us for further information.

This Privacy Policy is designed to be read as a complement to the Ruby Slots operated Sites and Services End User License Agreement.

The collection of information that is personally identifiable.

Each time you get in touch with us including when you register your Ruby Slots casino account, when you contact customer support or when asked to complete a survey, we collect PI from you including information that will identify you personally such as your name, email address, physical address, the date on which you were born and/or your credit/debit card information or bank details.

What do we do with this information?

We use the PI which we collect from you for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. In an attempt to provide you with the entertainment services offered by The Company
  2. In an ability to provide you with information requested by you
  3. To offer you customer support
  4. To promote other products or services to you offered by The Company or by the entityto which The Company belongs
  5. As a communication tool regarding updates to our software, policies or services
  6. To complement any of the any of the specifically stated purposes for gathering PI stated at the time at which the PI was provided to The Company

Who is this information disclosed to and who are the intended recipients of this information?

Your PI may be distributed to any one or more of the following groups of recipients:

  1. To employees within the Ruby Slots Group that may require your PI to offer you services such as customer support.
  2. Employees of white label partners in order to offer you with entertainment and gambling services.
  3. Third parties affiliated with Ruby Slots for the sole purpose of assisting Ruby Slots with providing services to customers.
  4. Third parties that assist Ruby Slots with the daily running of The Company enabling The Company to provide services to our clients.
  5. Auditors as they may require the PI for auditing purposes.
  6. Investors or stake holders in The Company that may require PI gathered in order to make informed decisions.

Where it is necessary to process this data these activities will be governed by a data processing agreement which protects the rights of the consumer pertaining to privacy and security of personally identifiable information. These laws hold any recipients listed above responsible for keeping any gathered information safe.

In addition to this The Company assures that any information provided by you will not be handed over to any governing bodies or authorities except in the case where it is legally required.

Choosing not to be contacted with promotional offers

Should you decide that you do not wish to be contacted with promotional offers we have made it simple to either opt out through electronic communication, the sign up process or by contacting customer support. Additionally you may send a blank email from the email address in question with “Remove” in the subject line to

Your rights pertaining to your personal information.

In an attempt to ensure the correctness of your information and in order for us to continue to provide a meaningful service to you, clients of Ruby Slots are encouraged to contact us to review the PI that we have on record and offer up any corrections if applicable. Clients are asked to bear in mind that for administration purposes only, a small cost may be incurred onto any requests.

To have such a request fulfilled please contact us on


In order to ensure that your PI is not disclosed to those who do not have the authorized access, that it is not damaged, lost or modified, we have implemented a strict set of processes, rules and policies that are followed by all recipients in order to assure the safety and security of the information provided to us.

The use of cookies

Upon registration, Ruby Slots may make use of cookies, which are small files that are saved on the hard disc of your computer to assist us in keeping records. They can assist us with recognizing when you return to the software or when you next visit our web-site. These cookies are helpful in that they assist us with providing a better, customized experience for our clients. Cookies also provide us with statistical information that pertaining to your use of our web-site. This information is used to improve the experience.

If you do not wish to accept cookies from Ruby Slots’ web-site or any other web-site please edit your settings in your browser options. We also reserve the right to deny access to users who do not wish to accept cookies.


Advertisements that are shown to you are done so with the use of a third party mechanism that monitors your activity on our web-site. This mechanism does not require personal information from you such as your name or email address. In order to provide you with relevant advertisements a cookie may be placed on your hard drive.

We also use information about your activity on our web-site to send information to third parties who provide services related to advertising to Ruby Slots. This is done through the use of web beacons or cookies which are provided to us by these third party platforms. The information that is gathered cannot identify you or any other visitor personally.

You may opt out of having this non-personal information collected by visiting and following the steps on how to opt out.

How we deal with minors

Ruby Slots does not target gather personally identifiable information from minors. Anyone that provides PII to Ruby Slots does so with the specific intention of stating that they are over 21 years of age. We reserve the right to verify the correctness of any PII that is collected from you and in the event that information has been collected from a minor we reserve the right to take the necessary steps including refusing to accept the information or permanently removing it from our records.

Transferring of personally Identifiable Information Internationally.

Since Ruby Slots has international scope it may be that your information is stored on servers outside of the European Union or that it may be transferred to other countries or companies. Should this occur you will receive warning in advance. The laws of these other countries may differ to those of the European Union and in the event that this should occur Ruby Slots commits to offering our customers a similar level of protection to that which they have previously enjoyed.

Maintenance of Information

Ruby Slots will not keep your PII for longer than it is necessary or until the time that it has fulfilled its purpose or until it is no longer required to provide a service to you.

Please bear in mind that this Policy is not static and can change and we reserve the rate to make changes as they are deemed necessary. Please be sure as a customer of Ruby Slots to check this document regularly. Should it be required to do so we will give you advance notice and if it is necessary to obtain your consent for any changes we will endeavor to do so especially when the changes pertain to new purposes.